Language Assessment Test Highlights Candidate Skills Quality Over Quantity

Authored by: Angel O. Piñero

In this day and age, scaling up applicant work skills has never been this vital, especially with the threat of job automation in the horizon.

However, the quality of skills definitely holds primary importance over quantity. And with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds in the workforce, it’s important for companies across different industries to produce quality services and/or products.

To do that, companies must employ the right person for the job. With the global workplace getting more diverse, employers or hiring managers cannot just depend on interviews to assess the language and communication skills of a job applicant.

Therfore, they must leverage certain assessment tests to gauge the applicant’s proficiency level, to know whether or not the candidate can accomplish the tasks required for the job.

Versant Language Assessment Stands Above the Rest.

While there are a lot of different language assessment software, Versant language assessment definitely stands above the rest. Versant uses innovative artificial intelligence technology to analyze language data with immediate results.

Because it is 100% automated, Versant eliminates human intervention that results in biases and errors. The test results are therefore accurate, reliable and can be viewed in more than five minutes.

Taking the assessment test requires only 15-30 minutes to complete

It tested my skills on sentence construction, vocabulary, fluency and pronunciation. The instructions were also given clearly, and I didn’t experience any confusion before and during the test. In my opinion, Versant’s technology is guaranteed to do extensive and reliable screening on language capability of an applicant and can benefit both the company, and the applicants themselves.

Anytime, Anywhere

This language assessment is also convenient, because it can be administered over the phone or on a computer. It is accessible anytime, anywhere as long as there is phone or stable internet connection. Its seamless, automatic process allows you to facilitate a large number of applicants and ensure a quick, reliable process.

unparalleled automated speech recognition

Versant’s system holds an extensive collection of speech data samples and spoken responses, resulting to an unparalleled automated speech recognition system. With this large number of speech samples from both native and non-native speakers, Versant’s technology yields matchless automated scoring.

However, its range doesn’t end at speaking, but also stretches to assess one’s writing, listening and reading skills. In fact, businesses and academic institutions use Versant’s system to measure language proficiency levels, ensuring that skills meet the demands of the 21st century labor market.

international people who can take the Versant_language assessment tests

It’s also available in multiple languages

With tests in English, Spanish, Arabic French and Dutch, this proficiency test is used around the globe. With a wide global reach, covering 100 countries and the world’s largest companies as well as academic institutions and government agencies.

So with Versant, employees can have the necessary language skills to interact effectively, and do their tasks efficiently with optimal results.

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