How Skills Assessment Benefit Logistics and Transportation

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

By Mitch R. Confesor –

Study identifies crucial skills for global supply chain AND logistics transportation Industries.

International LSPs find language skills to be among the most critical of employee skills. Using the right skills assessment tool, will help you hire the right people, with the right communication skills, right away.

working in logistics transportation office

There’s quite a disparity between front line employees of logistics service providers (LSPs), and logistics academics, especially when it comes to the overall level of skills in the industry.

According to an empirical paper on evaluating skills requirement for logistics operation practitioners in Taiwan, the disparity seems to be huge, especially when it comes to communications skills.

The Importance of Communication and Finding the Right Skills Assessment Test

The results of this study evaluating skills indicate the perception of business and logistics skill requirements differ between international frontline LSPs and logistics academics. Based on these findings for the logistics industry, researchers determined communication skills are the most important business skill, ahead of:

  • Customer and strategy management skills,
  • Global logistics skills,
  • Supply chain management skills
  • Information management skills, and
  • Computer skills.

The study also emphasizes that in a fiercely competitive global business environment, building skills for international logistics, and specifically communication skills, can successfully address the challenges of managing global supply chains. After all, international logistics stress the need to minimize operating costs, inventory pressure and other risk factors.

Having better logistical skills, which focus on employee retraining:

  • Helps reduce production lead-time in the supply chain process,
  • Increases production value, and
  • Provides a competitive advantage.

Logistics Skills: The Great Divide?

International enterprises have always faced significant shortage of qualified employees, with good communication skills, for fulfilling a variety of logistics operational requirements.

working in a transportation hub after skills assessment test

Logistics industry recruiters want first-line LSP employees to obtain more practical skills training to address various situations they might experience within the global supply chain.

But is the divide between the required skills for LSP frontliners – and the training for logistics academics – that great? LSPs find skills such as foreign language, customer relationship and software application more important.

Meanwhile, the academics say planning and communication ability should have more priority.

According to the study, this great divide in the perception of needed skills for international logistics may result in the inefficiency of using current human resources and the misuse of training resources.

The results therefore show that the top five skills related to general business skills, include:

  • An international perspective,
  • Foreign language skills,
  • Communication skills,
  • Decision-making, and
  • Risk management expertise.

Versant Aviation Tests for ATCs and Pilots

When it comes to the transportation industry in general, language skills requirement is a must-have.

For one, Air New Zealand is currently hiring flight attendants either from New Zealand or Australia for the southern summer period. The airline prefers good language skills, especially those fluent in Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and NZ Sign Language.

In fact, the Versant Aviation Test has helped the airline industry, as pilots and air traffic controllers have been able to avoid runway incidents and  collisions.

Versant Aviation helps to familiarize pilots and ATCs with ICAO guidelines on aviation radiotelephony and phraseology. Therefore, pilots and ATCs can easily solve issues of loss in cockpit translation and transmission with good aviation English skills.

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