Benefits on Talent Sourcing for Tech, IT and Outsourcing Firms

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

Language Skills Test Can Help Firms Source Top Tech Talent

The search for the top technology talent has always been a challenge for a majority of companies. In fact, more than four in 10 find talent sourcing one of their biggest recruitment challenges.

The Tech Hiring and Technology Adoption Trends 2019 was able to establish this in a survey of 350 industry leaders across 200 global companies.

So what are the most common challenges that recruiters or talent sourcers face while looking for best-fit candidates, especially in tech firms?


Talent Sourcing Challenges

Talent acquisition, and HR teams, must always find that unique edge against increasing competition. Every company seeks to hire the best candidate for that perfect fit, so the challenge is how to sync the potential of a talented prospect, with the expectations of your organization.

Because of time limits and other logistics factors, hiring managers and talent sourcers have found it difficult to reach out to the most fitting candidates. So the next challenge is how to match job roles with the right applicants.

limited number of quality candidates

Aside from a low number of quality of candidates, there are challenges other than your time constraints and the lengthy process required to hire the right person.

competition, metrics and social media

These other talent sourcing challenges include competition from rival companies, and use of the wrong metrics. Recruiters and sourcers must also learn to manage the recruitment pipeline, and know which job boards or social media platforms to generate candidate leads.

understanding language assessment tools

Of course, there are also the right language assessment tools to measure the communication skills of your potential recruits.

Sourcing the Right Skills

Versant assessment tests have the right tools to assess various skill areas and understanding current skills capabilities. For tech and outsourcing companies to excel in a hyper-competitive world, Versant’s capability is the right fit to test the language skills of your potential hires.

tech worker in call center in India

Whether it is for grammar or vocabulary, idea organization and voice-and-tone balance, or reading comprehension, Versant covers a range of these skill domains.


Versant measures how the candidate understands, anticipates and produces a variety of sentence structures in written English, with a sufficient range of grammatical structures in the English language. The score is ranked on their ability to use accurate and appropriate words and phrases in meaningful sentences.


Versant measures how the candidate understands and produces a wide range of words in written English from everyday workplace situations. The score is based on the accuracy and appropriateness of word use for topic, purpose, and audience.


Regarding organization, Versant measures how the candidate presents ideas and information in written English in a clear and logical sequence. The scoring ranks their ability to guide readers through written text and highlight significant points using certain discourse measurements.

voice and tone

On voice and tone, Versant measures how the candidate establishes an appropriate relationship with the customer, primarily by adopting an appropriate style and level of formality. Then the score will be on the writer’s ability to address the customers concern, ensuring an overall positive experience.

asian man taking versant assessment test

reading comprehension

Finally, on reading comprehension, Versant measures how the candidate understands written English texts on everyday and workplace topics.

The test measures how the candidate reads, understands and responds to texts on everyday topics, at a functional pace. The score measures the ability to read at functional speeds, to extract meaning, understand the message, and respond appropriately.

Versant Assessment Tests in Multiple Languages

In addition to the 4 Skills Tests in English, Versant has spoken tests in:

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