How Heineken was able to decrease time-to-hire by 42 percent.

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

How you can assess more candidates, find more qualified prospects and save on your time-to-hire.

The brewery company Heineken was able to decrease time-to-hire by 42 percent, thereby making them able to assess 13,500 job candidates out of 17,000 applicants in just eight days.

In the end, they were also able to decrease their cost-per-hire by as much as 35 percent.

How did Heineken do it?

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It was because they implemented an artificial-intelligence equipped pre-employment assessment solution. The AI-powered assessment tool helped them create a more efficient process for both recruiters and candidates.

From its old selection process using extensive manual labor from recruiters and other tedious manual recruitment tasks, Heineken created a more efficient recruitment process, decreasing the amount of time-to-hire.

And since most of the job roles included future managerial positions, the new hiring process had to be data-driven. Which helped recruiters get validated data on which they can reliably base their hiring decisions.

Saving time, money and time-to-hire.

Like Heineken’s experience, a good skills assessment test can efficiently determine a candidate’s suitability for the job, as well as the corporate culture fit.

In fact, Versant can quantify the cost of a poor hire, said to be equivalent to up to 5 times an employee’s annual salary. However, this doesn’t include other expenses like recruitment costs and staff time, training fees for replacement hires, and negative impact on their teams’ performance.

Moreover, poor hires could actually lead to delayed projects and lost customers, or even a weakened company brand.

The Versant assessment tests can help companies address the issues of an incorrect language screening process. So why waste time and money with poor assessments when Versant is there to help scale up your recruitment time and save on costs.

AI-Powered and automated.

Fast and automated, Versant allows test administrators to screen more applicants in less time, allowing your business to quickly screen thousands of candidates.

With results available in a few minutes, company HR teams can reduce their time spent for recruitment. Candidates can actually take the test at the career fair or outside, or at home, on their mobile phone or tablet.

staff as they successfully decreasetime-to-hire

With savings on hiring costs, HR teams can now spend their time accurately identifying and interviewing only the best and most qualified candidates.

As companies reduce their recruiting time and costs, Versant enables them to improve screening accuracy and training placement.

Since Versant is AI-powered and 100-percent automated, it’s free from human bias and judgment fatigue. And since it is fast, with results in minutes, and scores immediately available online, Versant helps reduce time spent for recruitment and saves on costs per hire, improving candidate placement, and screening accuracy.

Wide reach, no bias.

Versant tests measure language skills in business settings while it eliminates cultural and subjective bias. And since Versant lets you screen more employees in less time, it streamlines recruiting and training processes and reduces assessment expenses.

Finally, Versant covers over 100 countries worldwide, aligning with the recognized global standards in test assessments and evaluations. In fact, the world’s biggest corporations use Versant to provide a more consistent and fair evaluation of employee language skills.

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