How Skills Assessment Tests Benefit the Engineering and Construction Industries

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

The construction and engineering industries understand the importance, and influence, of robotics and automation.

However, despite all the investment in technology, almost half of the respondents in a KMPG report say that people remain the determining factor for the success of their projects.

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According to KMPG’s Future-Ready Index for the engineering and construction industries, despite the continued integration of AI and digitization, it’s still the people in the field that are the most critical part of their industries. And with the globalization of projects which require communication with home offices, subcontractors and the clients’ teams, the people on site – and their communication skills – are more important than ever.

Many industry leaders have concerns over the ability of the next generation to fully grasp the fundamentals of project delivery. Of course, having their your people communicate clearly, is the cornerstone of the successful delivery of construction and engineering projects.

Language skills assessment tests, like Versant, can provide benefits to heavy industries, especially as they prepare to expand their future workforce.

A little over a quarter of the firms reporting say that technology, and project governance and controls, are the most critical elements of their industries that helps makes their projects successful.

Seven Areas for Action for Improvement to Boost Productivity

According to McKinsey Global Institute, there are seven areas for action, or improvement, that can help boost productivity for engineering and construction firms, by as much as 50-60 percent.

These include:

  • Reshaping regulation
  • Rewiring contracts
  • Rethinking design
  • Improving procurement and supply chain,and
  • Onsite execution
  • Infusing technology and innovation, and more importantly
  • “Reskilling” workers.

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This is Where Versant’s Skills Assessment Tests Come In

Versant’s skills assessment tests can help streamline the construction and engineering industries’ hiring process by:

Room for Improvement

While leaders in the construction industry have conflicting views on the current state of digital transformation, Raconteur revealed that almost half of them believe they’ve been digitally transforming for some time now. Meanwhile, four in 10 of these leaders see their company as only in the very early stages of digital transformation.

Enginering and construction industry leaders believe global industry output may rise to $12.7 trillion by 2022, up from $10.6 trillion in 2017. But due to lack of digitization, the construction industry gained only a mere percent of productivity within the last 20 years despite promising outlooks.

With Versant, and other tools to reskill the industry workforce, Raconteur says these two industries can help create the opportunity for an additional $1.6 trillion in productivity value.

Future-Ready Workforce

KPMG’s Future-Ready Index: Global Construction Survey 2019, revealed that leading organizations in this sector have been investing effectively in technology and people to become more future-ready. This would be a way for the industry, and individual players, to measure and benchmark their preparedness for what lies ahead.

For engineering and construction firms with global customers, Versant’s AI-enhanced automated language tests can efficiently and accurately assess language proficiency of their worldwide workforce, especially for their site project leaders.

In fact, almost half of the KPMG study respondents (mostly senior leaders and CEOs) said their people are the most important factor in delivering successful projects. More than three out of four of these C-level executives believe that tech and innovation can best attract and retain their new recruits, allowing them to hire the best people possible.

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For its part, Versant’s skills assessment tests can address industry leaders’ continued concerns over the ability of the next generation of their global workforce to fully grasp the fundamentals and needs of project delivery by, universally, communicating clearly.

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