Language Skills Tests to Boost Multibillion Gaming Industry

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

Versant Helps Localize and Culture-Fit, Online Games for Global Customers.

Language assessment tests like Versant, that accurately measure communications skills, benefit the booming multibillion-dollar online gaming industry.

Versant’s tests help by providing language localization and culture-fitting solutions for online games to communicate better, improving service to your customers, whether they’re gaming enthusiasts, or gamers themselves.

Andovar’s research cites localization, via language skills tests, as the way reach more gamers, consequently enabling your company to increase its sales. The question then becomes: which languages should you “localize”? In addition, they review which languages would be the most important to pursue first.

Their analysis lists the factors you should consider in your decision.

Versant Helps Staff Your Overseas Operations

There’s tremendous value in language skills assessment tests for staffing your overseas operations, as the video gaming industry now collaborates globally.

When you need to add staff quickly and efficiently, Versant assessment tests allow you to select the best applicants based on their communication skills, using non-biased, AI-based, online testing. When you hire effectively, your turnover will be considerably lower.Versant assessment tests assure businesses, like language localization service providers, to communicate effectively in diverse language environments.

Using Versant’s language skills tests is an extremely useful tool in assessing the language skills of permanent or temporary workers in the outsourced gaming development industry.

Businesses that outsource independent contractors, consultants, freelancers and volunteers can benefit using language assessment tools. Versant’s speed and reliability ensures language consistency within an agile diverse team to benefit this multibillion-dollar industry.

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Beyond Translation: Helping with Sales

The issue isn’t just translation but reaching out more customers/gamers, and increase your sales for language localization services.

Your business has to reach both the so-called EFIGS and CJK markets to enhance their customer experience. This would be the “EnglishFrench-Italian-German-Spanish” market and the “Chinese-Japanese-Korean” market.
For gamers, it’s not enough to depend on Google Translate and other search engines’ translation tools. Google, after all, isn’t the main search engine for other countries. There’s Baidu in China, then Yandex in Russia, and Naver in South Korea.Moreover, app stores for game downloads differ based on different mobile operating systems are popular in these regions. Marketing strategies also vary, like showing TV ads of games is important in Taiwan but not in other countries.

When promoting in social media, Facebook may be dominant in some countries, but not others. There is WeChat, Sina Weibo and QQ/Qzone in China, then VKontakte and Odnoklassniki in Russia. LINE, meanwhile, is for Japan and Korea.

Companies Cash In on Streaming Gaming

In 2019, tech giants Apple and Google announced the launch of their respective gaming streaming services. Their aim is to compete with the likes of Amazon, as well as Xbox creator Microsoft, and pioneering console game creator Nintendo.

Amidst the massive popularity of interactive games like Fortnite, the famous gamer Richard Tyler Bevins (a.k.a. Ninja) just switched from Amazon’s Twitch to Microsoft’s Mixer gaming platform. For now, experts are forecasting that gaming may likely become a $196-billion industry by 2022.

While traditional console games have generated $12.7 billion, SuperData revealed that video games were able to generate $118 billion revenues in 2018, with more than half ($61.3 billion) coming from mobile games.

And it is not just gamers themselves that benefit from new platforms and games. The e-sports industry has also benefited, because according to NewZoo data, Esports revenue may surpass $1 billion for the first time in 2019.

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Physical Out, Digital In

As the videogame industry changes dramatically over the next decade, some of the biggest trends may include cloud gaming, digital distribution and fresh revenue models, as well as new players and greater regulation. Between 2018 and 2026, the global videogame streaming market alone will grow by 27%. According to Zion Market Research data, it will surge from $800 million in 2017 to beyond $6.9 billion by then.

For a decade, consumers have moved towards downloading or streaming songs, movies and shows. With video games, consumers are moving away from physical discs and cartridges to digital files.

In the field of learning and development, training organizations like Coursera are focusing on courses and specializations related to gaming. They include virtual and augmented reality, game design and development as well as C# programming for unity game development.

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