How Our English Assessment Test Removes Hiring Bias, Reducing High Turnover Rates

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

How Versant’s English Assessment Tests Benefit the Healthcare Tech Industry.

The bottom line is: English skills assessment tests benefit the healthcare technology industry, and improves the delivery of value-based care.

It’s well-established that effective communication is critical for delivering quality healthcare. With people’s lives at stake, any miscommunication or misunderstanding between healthcare providers and patients can become potentially risky.

Patient safety, and quality healthcare, both benefit from good communication in the healthcare industry, preventing injuries or fatalities. Versant’s  English assessment test offers the best assurance of hiring employees with the required language skills. Having effective communication skills within healthcare facilities increases trust between patient and caregiver.

VeRsant’s Testing Structure Eliminates Bias in Healthcare Recruitment

doctors hired after passing English assessment tests

According to the Harvard Business Review, recruitment in the healthcare industry is not immune to bias and hiring mistakes. HBR says healthcare’s failure to invest in efficient hiring solutions has resulted in a workforce that isn’t optimized for their jobs, resulting in high turnover rates.

Poor communication skills lead to negative experiences between healthcare providers and patients. Anything less than a positive experience, is likely to risk the confidence, and potentially safety, of a patient. Which is why making the right hire for any healthcare position is critical.

Versant helps assure healthcare businesses choose the right tests and tools for their organization, because Versant:

The English proficiency tests measure spoken and written communication skills applicable to healthcare businesses, using a method that delivers more objective and consistent assessments without the variability typical of multiple evaluators and administrators.

Versant’s skills testing also comes in:

Medical Billing + Healthcare Outsourcing

Healthcare technology-related services like outsourcing and medical billing largely benefit with efficient language assessment tests.

In fact, global medical billing outsourcing may become a $19.7-billion market by 2026, with an 11.8-percent annual growth rate. Moreover, the medical coding/billing market will be ramping up with the January 2022 implementation of the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), based on the May 2019 decision of the World Health Organization.

And with hospitals pursuing value-based care, outsourcing services for both clinical and non-clinical functions will further rise. After all, healthcare outsourcing achieves cost-efficiency and succeeds in perfecting value-based care models.

asian man taking Versant English assessment tests

Hiring Well Saves on Costs, and Increases Efficiency

Effective communication is very important for healthcare providers: not just for their patients, but also to save on costs, and increase day-to-day operating efficiency.

Proper language skills are already essential in avoiding any misunderstanding of medical terminologies, and clear communication is important for patient management, as well as healthcare processes like reception, billing and discharge.

Versant helps assure hospital staff and healthcare outsourcing providers have the language skills for communication that builds trust, reduces confusion and increases patient confidence.

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