Language Skills Tests Enhance Next-Gen, Tech-Savvy Workforce

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

Digitally-Savvy: Yes. Communication Skills: ?

The oldest GenZ’ers are in their early 20s now, and just entering the world of business. While they’re certainly tech-savvy, that doesn’t necessarily translate into having good person-to-person communication skills. And if English isn’t their first language, that’s an additional hurdle.

Which is why testing candidates with Versant’s English assessment tests, and spoken tests in 4 other languages, is important to making the right hiring decisions.Tech-savvy GenZ’ers have grown up with the Internet and social media, so taking Versant’s online tests come naturally to them. Before you hire anyone, you want to know if they have the communication skills required to have clear interaction with other employees, vendors and most importantly, your customers.

What Does the English Assessment Tests Measure?

The English assessment tests evaluate speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

This assures your candidate’s communication skills are up-to-speed, for what you need, by testing them before they’re hired. This is critical to avoid bad hires, because the cost of bad hire is expensive.

With automated scoring, each test-taker’s responses are carefully measured, scored, and their responses digitized as a representation of their speech and writing abilities.

Patented speech technology runs a candidate’s responses through Pearson’s proprietary speech-based software, processes and analyzes their tests. This technology analyzes every phrase, intonation, manner of speech and sentence structure, in incredible detail.

And what you receive from their tests is a detailed report of each test-taker’s abilities and skills in communicating clearly, and concisely.

Hiring Quickly? Versant Provides Immediate Results

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When you need to be efficient, Versant’s English assessment tests provide immediate results, so it’s fast and convenient for you. Candidates can take the assessment tests at home, or any workstation, even without a scheduled appointment.

Language skills assessment tests, like Versant, help businesses to get the most out of their next-generation workforce.

With technology-savvy digital natives taking these online assessment tools, Versant provides complete convenience, since your candidates can take the tests online, anywhere, 24/7.

Versant provides online access for test takers via web or mobile app, or over the phone, for spoken English assessment tests. There are also spoken assessment tests in:

With these options, Versant is a great tool to help your organization find and recruit employees anywhere around the world. Finding the candidates who are the best fit is critical, whether you’re searching for 100, or 1000, people.

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A Suite of Tests, Based on Accepted Industry Standards

Pearson’s Versant suite of tests, are a sophisticated, reliable method of establishing a universal score to compare speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. The testing structures have been well-documented, and companies can be confident the technology, and the reports, are detailed and accurate.

The reporting compares to TOEIC, TOEFL and GSE tests. The assessment test reports provide detailed descriptions of each applicant’s results, that can be formatted to see how any candidate compares to others.

Decades of Experience with Results in Just Minutes

Because there are decades of experience behind every test, you can trust Versant’s advanced auto-marking results to provide unbiased assessments, and evaluations, of every candidates’ ability in the four main areas of communication: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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