Language Communication Among Most In-Demand English Language Skills for 2020

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

The threat of automation threatens to leave thousands of individuals without jobs. However, those with good English language skills will be among the most in-demand employees for 2020 and beyond.

To find the best individuals with above average communication, and English language skills, businesses need language assessment tests like Versant to gauge the best candidates, and current employees, to fill those roles.

woman in call center using English language skills

In fact, success in many industries begins, and ends, with good communication skills. With the emergence of omni-channel communication via phone, email and chat across multiple platforms, clear language skills are the foundation for excellent sales and customer service results.

It’s a universal experience, that poor language skills lead to negative experiences for customers and clients. That’s why Versant assessment tests help businesses find the most qualified employees to help keep their customers happy with efficient communication.

Assessment Tests in Multiple Languages

With these accurate and reliable assessment tests from Versant, businesses avoid risks of unwanted human bias and likely human errors.

The spoken assessment tests are available in multiple languages, including:

Versant’s English assessment tests accurately test four key communication skills to measure proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Agile Workforce Skills

According to the HR Daily Advisor, the five skills every employee should have in 2020 are:

  1. Emotional intelligence,
  2. Creativity,
  3. Critical thinking,
  4. Time management skills, and
  5. Communication and language skills.

All are needed in today’s ever-changing, and agile, workforce.

According to Udemy’s 2020 Workplace Learning Trends Report, communication will be among the Top 10 fastest-growing required skills.

Between finance, engineering, marketing and sales, it’s the latter, where communication skills will be most needed.

According to Anastasia Santoreneos in Yahoo Finance News, you can show someone how to program, but you can’t teach them how to be a good cultural fit.

Communication skills such as negotiating, or assisting with product or service issues to facilitate a successful interaction, is always critical, and will continue to be important in 2020. And Versant is a key tool to help find the right people to fill those roles.

And aside from Excel spreadsheet programming, leadership and guidance, and web development, sales skills such as public speaking will be vital, with the need to communicate data and other information through presentation.

call center emloyees

Hire Quicky and Efficiently with Versant

Test takers can finish Versant assessment tests quickly, with results available in just a few minutes, reducing recruiting time and saving on cost per hire. The speed of Versant English language skills testing increases the efficiency of the hiring process.

While slightly more than half of recruiters reveal that their time-to-hire is 3 weeks, or more, across all types of job openings, a growing number of Gen Z job seekers expect the hiring process to take only 5 days or less.

According to Human Resources Today, if the average time-to-hire is more than 3 weeks, the average cost-per-hire is $3,000-$4,000 in the U.S. However, if average time-to-hire is less than 3 weeks, the average cost-per-hire is only $1,000-$2,000.

Candidates – and everyone involved in the recruitment process – expect a consumer-level tech experience. The organizations that attract the best talent are adept at creating experiences that turn candidates into employees.

Organizations are moving from descriptive, to diagnostic and predictive analytics. Driven by tech advances, they measure and optimize how their tools and integration to improve time-to-hire and other recruitment metrics. Learn more about the 7 recruitment trends that are coming in 2020 here.

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