Chatbot-Agent Integration to Benefit from Written Skills Assessment Tests

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

Versant for Contact Center Email & Chat Support  for improving Customer Service

Speaking and written skills assessment tests like Versant have benefited customer service operations for years, and will continue to into 2020. For written skills assessment in particular, Versant specifically benefits the integration of chatbots and live agents in the workplace.

The Versant English Writing Test is a language proficiency tool to test the English writing skills of people whose first language isn’t English. With state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, the test measures the use of appropriate and commonplace English words, phrases and sentences.

In fact, Versant’s advanced AI-powered grading system assures an unbiased evaluation of every candidates’ writing skills and abilities, because it eliminates cultural and subjective bias.

Versant’s English Writing test measures a candidate’s grammar, vocabulary, sentence organization, and reading comprehension, augmenting contact center agents’ skills and capabilities to deliver quality customer service, satisfaction and experience.

Integrating Chatbots and Live Agents

call center agent who passed the versant written skills assessment

In early 2018, Gartner predicted that a quarter of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual customer assistant (or AI chatbot tech) by 2020. So as business adoption of this AI technology grows, Versant written tests can help deliver better customer service opportunities and address potential challenges.

Despite the threat that chatbots as an AI tool may pose to human workers, they actually remain important to customer service operations. For companies looking to increase sales or improve service productivity, they are indeed attractive to consider the time savings, and efficiency, from AI chatbots conversing and answering reoccurring questions. Together with a time- and cost-saving tool like the Versant Writing Test, everything falls into place for businesses to deliver better customer service operations.

With the rise of e-commerce, consumers continue to move away from traditional forms of communication to address product and service issues. Indeed, chat-based customer communication methods are expected to rise, with chatbots increasingly used to handle simple tasks. As an example of integration, chatbots can free human agents to focus on higher-profile service or sales cases.

Limitations of Chatbots

human on cell phone talking with a chatbot

Chatbots certainly have their limitations, and knowing those limitations will result in tempering expectations of how they deliver value to customers. Because businesses now are aware of those limitations, they can turn those failures into future successes, better addressing their customers’ needs.

Even in recruitment, in finding the right job matches and assisting with the application process, chatbots lack the capabilities required there’s still a need for efficient human recruiters to improve the organizational hiring process and candidate experience.

With efficient chatbot-human agent integration, tested with the best language assessment tools like Versant, businesses can provide efficient chat and email customer support and deliver excellent customer service.

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