New Year Opportunities and Top Cities for Jobs, Language Skills Testing

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

It’s 2020, a new year and the beginning of a new decade. For business, customer service is more vital than ever, and screening your candidates with Versant’s language skills testing can help you hire more efficiently than ever before.

According to Forbes, customers today will not only compare businesses to their direct competitors, but to the best service delivery they can offer. If not, the gap will just widen more between what customers expect and what they actually get.

Versant’s English language skills testing will help address these customer service issues for your company.

Versant’s language skills testing makes it easier for businesses to find the right people, right away.

Versant automatically evaluates the speaking, listening, writing and reading skills of non-native English speakers, with its patented software and speech processing technology.

Throughout the years, Versant has evaluated the language skills of contact centers or BPO/BPMs, financial and healthcare companies, and other industries worldwide.

And with 2020 just starting, Versant can greatly benefit businesses looking to fill in their available and needed job positions from hundred, or thousands, of applicants.

Versant’s spoken language skills testing software is also available in:

January Jobs

According to CNBC, January and February are generally the best months to look for a new job, or get a raise. But since some organizations still have the holiday hangover and other preparations for the business at the start of the year, February may in fact be the better month than January.

To be precise, there is even a specific day and time to look for a job. That would be a Tuesday, and past 11:00 AM, according to Workopolis.

But according to ZipRecruiter, there is already massive competition in the jobs market in the first month of the year. Even though January could be the best month to find new work the fastest, with a 15% increase in available jobs compared to other months of the year, many of these job seekers may not have the right skills for your customer and sales support.

Indeed, language assessments like Versant help your recruitment team filter out and find the best candidate fit for your organizational requirements.

Best Cities for Job Hunts

skylines of top 3 cities in the U.S. for new jobs in 2020

Versant is specifically beneficial for businesses assessing candidates in the Top 10 hottest job markets today. These include cities in North and South Dakota, and areas in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

In particular, they include:

  1. Fargo (North Dakota)
  2. Boston-Cambridge-Quincy (Massachusetts)
  3. Sioux Falls (South Dakota)
  4. Providence-New Bedford-Fall River (Rhode Island-Massachusetts)
  5. Portland-South Portland-Biddeford (Maine)
  6. San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont (California)
  7. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria (District of Columbia-Virginia-Maryland-West Virginia)
  8. Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington (Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Delaware-Maryland)
  9. Bismarck (North Dakota)
  10. New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island (New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania)

In fact, most of these jobs will be for healthcare and financial industries. See how Versant helps the healthcare industry.

Contact us today for a demonstration, and in the new year, try Versant’s language skills testing online tests to assess the best job candidates not just in your specific industry, but for your site selection and business expansion in these favorable new locations.