Language Skills Tests Helps Global Businesses Address Labor Shortage, Workforce Diversity

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

Versant Benefits U.S., Australia, and Europe to Reskill and Employ Immigrants and Refugees

Language skills tests, like Versant, can help global businesses address skilled labor shortage as well as encourage workforce diversity.

In fact, the United States, Australia and Europe can benefit by reskilling, and employing, immigrants and migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, who can easily learn to become more proficient with their English language skills.

Versant is an English language skills test with a global reach, covering more than 100 countries. The language skills tests are beneficial for many of the world’s largest corporations. That’s because the tests align with the recognized global standards, in test assessments and evaluations, to the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), among others.

Versant assessment tests assure employees have the necessary language skills to interact effectively.

The language skills tests are fair and fast, consistent and versatile, affordable and accurate, plus reliable and efficient options for evaluating language skills.

Language as Obtrusive Impediment to Work

Despite having almost 8 million open jobs in America, nearly half of U.S. employers still struggle to find employees with the language skills they need.

When over 40 million immigrants have the necessary education, and at least 2 million college-educated immigrants and refugees suffer unemployment or underemployment, there’s a real need to get their English language skills up-to-speed.

Language is the first – and most obtrusive – impediment to finding work, among the numerous barriers they face when trying to find work in the US. However, they represent a massive amount of untapped talent for US. employers struggling to hire skilled workers.

“Adults with limited English proficiency earn as much as 40% less than their peers who are proficient in English. Without language, people are often unable to accurately convey their skills or professional backgrounds, and many companies are hesitant to hire workers who don’t speak the language spoken by the majority of their workforce. But a lack of English proficiency has little to do with a potential employee’s experience or education. When given the opportunity and access to effective resources, adults with limited English tend to learn the language surprisingly quickly—while on the job,”

~ according to this story in the Quartz website.

Diverse Workforce: Driving Innovation, Profitability

Many workplaces can benefit from employing refugees and asylum seekers, according to BusinessNews of Perth, in Western Australia.

Refugees are tremendously loyal and have lower turnover rates than the general Australian population, and the life experiences of many migrants often result in a wealth of knowledge, not to mention high levels of resourcefulness.

arabic woman in call center 250

For most businesses, it will be an advantage to hire these refugees or asylum seekers while they improve their English language skills at the same time.

Moreover, many refugees and asylum seekers speak more than one language, a skill beneficial to global companies. This is why reskilling them is a good business case for having a diverse workforce, as diversity drives innovation and even profitability.

Language Proficiency and Immigrant Integration

Indeed, language proficiency is a key driver of immigrant integration, or how immigrants can speedily integrate into the society of their new country.

There are, of course, many factors and issues, but it’s clear that language skills proficiency increases job opportunities, as well as facilitates the social and political participation of immigrants.

Finally, language skills are a vital part of an immigrant’s human capital.

“Acquiring adequate proficiency in the host country language is an important driver of immigrant economic and social integration.”

~ according to a German study, citing the importance of language proficiency for successful labor market integration.

With tools like Versant, global businesses can definitely address labor shortage and workplace diversity. These language tests help immigrants and refugees with the potential to improve their English communication skills and become productive in the global workforce.

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