How Telecom, Broadband-Related Industries Can Benefit from English Language Skills Assessment

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

Benefits of English language skills assessment tests, like Versant, can help Telecommunications and Internet Broadband companies, as well as their manufacturing supply chain and customer service operations.

As the world gears up for fifth-generation networks for businesses and home entertainment, language skills testing helps you hire the best customer service teams, dramatically increasing the chances of first call resolution.

In fact, English language skills assessment tests benefit a variety of industries like engineering and construction, freight logistics and transportation as well as the food and biopharmaceutical logistics markets, hospitality and food service, and online gaming.

For many industries, including business process outsourcing and contact centers, Versant’s benefits include:
  1. AI-powered and 100% automated results,
  2. Fast results within minutes, including speedy online delivery of test scores, reduced recruitment time and costs per hire for companies,
  3. No human bias, being fair and error-free, with accurate, reliable results correlated to human testers,
  4. Both online and phone-call testing abilities, available 24/7 test administration, which can be taken anytime, anywhere,
  5. Availability in at least five languages with multiple skills testing for key skills including writing, speaking, listening and reading, and
  6. A truly global reach to over 100 countries, supporting global standards in assessment and speech technology, with testament from the world’s largest companies.

Beyond 5G…

Starting this year, various companies and governments are starting to roll out widespread 5G integration in Asia, and across the globe. With the rise of faster connected networks, the Telecom sector will have to ramp up their work force, including their customer service language skills.

woman wearing VRheadset

Beyond 5G, the Telecom and Broadband industries will further create digital experiences, including advanced technology such as virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR), 16K-resolution video streaming, intelligent internet of things (IoT), and quantum computing. These complex future generations of applications are so far beyond the capabilities of the current internet infrastructure, as well as its customer service workforce, it demonstrates the vital importance of skills assessment tests like Versant.

Gartner already predicted that the global 5G market will increase to $4.2 billion by the end of 2020, rising 89 percent, from at least $2.2 billion in 2019, as broadband providers invest in the necessary infrastructure to roll out next-gen wireless tech.

The Benefits for Industrial Manufacturers

Aside from Telecoms, companies looking to expand 5G, those adopting also include industrial manufacturers. These are the companies that will more likely have specific-use cases applying 5G and other upcoming 21st-century tech. And these companies will definitely have rising customer operations in the horizon from today to the year 2028.

Which makes Versant the perfect fit to supplement the expected collaboration of mobile network operators (MNOs), 5G infrastructure vendors, and other industrial manufacturers in the global Telecom and overall Broadband spectrum supply chain.

In its 5G for Industrial Applications report, ABI Research predicts widespread adoption of 5G tech within the manufacturing sector, representing almost 25 percent of total revenue in the 5G ultra-low latency use cases (URLLC) market within eight years (by 2028).

ABI says the capacity to establish a massive wireless network makes 5G wireless connectivity capabilities a perfect fit for growth in manufacturing. It is therefore critical for business value chains to leverage and optimize potentials in 5G for their business strategies.

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