Language Skills Assessment Tests Help Businesses in Continuity Plans Amid Pandemics

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

Versant language skills assessment tests Prove a Useful Tool as Coronavirus Impacts Workplaces AROUND THE WORLD

When most people least expect it, language skills assessment tests like Versant can actually help companies in their business continuity plans amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

In two months since the outbreak, at the beginning of 2020, the Covid-19 virus has impacted businesses worse than other natural or man-made disasters. The disruption among the global manufacturing centers of China, to the rest of the world, has affected the markets more than the impact of fire, floods, earthquakes, terrorist incidents, and even the 2008 financial crisis.

With the virus putting light on business pandemic plans, businesses have shifted work from in-house and co-location data centers, to software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers, with human resources, finance and other business units managing these third-party services.

Healthcare frontliners use artificial intelligence and data science to combat the spread of the disease. Versant has its own AI-enhanced technology that helps businesses get the fastest and most reliable results from job assessment tests. This saves both time and recruitment costs.

With automated scoring free from the burden of human bias, this automated process is fair and virtually error-free.

Versant vs Virus: Providing Jobs Amid a Pandemic

young woman on laptop taking language skills assessment tests

Because of Covid-19, more employees are working from home, and job searchers are going mobile in their applications.

This make language skills assessment tests like Versant even more critical. Using Versant, you can continue with recruitment assessments, as well as other HR continuity plans, even amid epidemics and other workplace disruption, because applicants can take tests 24/7 from home.

The outbreak has already put so much strain on the global supply chain, including the closure of smartphone retail stores and affecting facility production for parts and other components. This why companies need to diversify suppliers and rethink strategies like lean training and just-in-time manufacturing.

Call Quality Down, Mobile Gaming Up

More workers now stay at home, or work from home, due to the virus that has negatively impacted the audio quality of calls.

This has affected not just customer service delivery, but also the call quality for contact center operators and clients with high inbound & outbound call volume. By overloading local switches, reducing international call quality and interrupting connectivity, it affects how your customers interact with your call center.

When a carrier gets an overwhelming number of calls, the network typically has sharing agreements with other telecom providers to handle the extra traffic.

However, if these other providers also experience high demand or call volume, they will be unable to carry the added burden. In fact, companies have already pulled out of conferences. Organizers have either postponed, or cancelled, trade shows, impacting the announcement of new products like the latest 5G phones and high-tech cars.

How the Mobile Gaming Industry has Benefited

man and daughter playing digital games at home

Meanwhile, millions of people are turning to mobile games to keep themselves occupied. Global mobile gaming downloads have gone up almost 40 percent in February 2020. Even smartphone apps have gotten more than a 60% jump in game downloads.

In fact, the mobile gaming industry has been one of the main beneficiaries in terms of increased time spent due to quarantine. In the first three weeks of February, the average weekly game downloads in China alone jumped 80 percent, compared with the average weekly downloads for the whole of 2019.

All in all, mobile game downloads reached 4 billion globally, up from 2.9 billion in early 2019, with Asia witnessing almost a 50-percent jump to 1.6 billion in February.

Yet as with most threats, there are opportunities.

The epidemic has also sparked dozens of new job openings, according to Glassdoor, with dozens of new jobs created to respond to Covid-19.

Although there is no surprise for additional medical jobs like nurses and lab technicians, companies are also seeking for communication specialists, crisis managers and consultant-experts who know how best to respond to health crises.

One of the largest Chinese e-commerce firms has promised to open up more than 20,000 new positions. The firm will be hiring warehouse workers, couriers and drivers, not just to minimize the impact on employment in the short term but support stable employment in the long run.

A local on-demand delivery provider and supermarket chain owner will also be creating 15,000 additional positions, reaching out to employees from restaurants, hotels, cinemas and retail outlets.

Learn how language skills assessments can help you soften the impact to your human resources and other aspects of your business in light of disasters and diseases.

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