Remote Monitoring, New Mobile App for Assessment Tests for Language Skills

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

Recruiters, HR Professionals to Benefit with Latest AI-Driven Versant Features

Versant, the world’s premier suite of assessment tests for language skills, is now equipped with the latest features such as remote test monitoring and upgraded mobile app (both on Android and Apple), benefiting recruiters and human resources professionals with the latest automation upgrades.

Its latest remote monitoring features include the reliability of Versant English 4 Skills, speaking and writing tests, with the flexibility of secure offsite testing experience. That goes a long way towards enabling your business to expand its talent pool, as well as advancing the most qualified candidates.

Offsite Testing with Added Security

Versant remote monitoring features allows organizations to conduct assessment tests for language skills of their job candidates at a location of their choice, with added security and monitoring.

Through proprietary Versant AI technology, these tests are monitored automatically, even without a human examiner present, because the high-tech system flags suspicious test taker behaviors for Versant administrators to review.Remote monitoring enables Versant Mobile flyers candidates to take the test anywhere they choose, providing  your companies or organization with additional security and confidence to make placement and hiring decisions.

man on iPhone taking Pearson Versant test

Some of the benefits of the enhanced Versant tools are:
  1. Flexibility. Greater security with convenience of on-demand testing anytime, anywhere in the world
  2. Security. Test taker data securely stored, meeting all GDPR standards
  3. Speed. Remote monitoring identifies suspicious behavior; incident reporting available for admin within minutes of test completion
  4. Cost effectiveness. Remote testing improves recruiting and placement efficiency, so only the most qualified candidates advance to in-person interviews
  5. Trusted by experts. AI algorithms detect any suspicious activities during testing, empowering administrators to review whether a test result seems authentic.
How Remote Monitoring Works
  1. Image monitoring. The system can block a different face or multiple faces appearing in the video frame, or camera.
  2. Video monitoring. The system can determine when a test taker moves out of camera view, or when there are more than one person in camera view, or the test taker looks away from the camera multiple times.
  3. Browser monitoring. The system will count as violations whenever a test taker is navigating away from the test window or changing tabs multiple times.
  4. Complete recording. Admin can access the tests anytime for audits and reviews, while suspicious segments can be highlighted for easy review.

Versant mobile banner for assessment tests for language skills

Versant Mobile: Language Assessment Tests at Your Candidates’ Fingertips

The Versant suite of assessment tests for language skills help businesses quickly and objectively screen candidates. It has the added benefit of streamlining your talent management and staffing processes. On top of that, it also has improved applicant testing for the mobile-friendly market.

Recruiters and HR professionals can now easily administer tests, manage test takers, and look up scores with more flexibility and convenience on the go and at their fingertips.

Among the qualities of Versant mobile testing are:
Moreover, its mobile features include:
  • An offline mode (so an individual can download and administer tests even if no Internet is available) and
  • A practice mode before actual testing, where candidates can access free sample questions first before moving on to the official test.

To get the latest details on Versant Mobile flyer and Remote Monitoring, contact us today and let us help you streamline your HR process and enhance your talent pool.