English Skills Placement Tests to Benefit Post-COVID Virtual Internship Programs

Authored by: Mitch R. Confesor

Versant Remote Proctoring, Monitoring Tools Useful for Companies’ Virtual Interns as Future Talent Pool

English skills placement tests for students benefit universities in their student career programs. In addition, comprehensive English language skills assessment tests like Versant also benefit college students and recent graduates as well as student interns, in light of current challenges amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

In fact, Versant’s remote proctoring and monitoring tools are useful for global companies in their upcoming or ongoing virtual internship programs. After all, the coronavirus pandemic has replaced traditional student internship programs with virtual internship as a new digital offering.

Versant Remote Tools

Both remote proctoring and monitoring tests are checked automatically, without a human examiner present. This cutting-edge system can flag suspicious test-taker behaviors for Versant administrators to review, such as the presence of multiple faces, or faces different from the registered face, as well as movement between test and other browsers or tabs.

Administrators can then proctor and monitor the test-takers using facial recognition tech. Aside from the scores, there will be audio, video and photo snapshots of the test taker, allowing companies to conduct assessment tests, either of job candidates or virtual interns, at a location of their choice, with added security and monitoring.

After downloading the Versant app from the Apple App and Google Play Stores, candidates or interns can then take the test anytime and anywhere they choose, giving companies additional security and confidence to make placement and hiring decisions.

Among the benefits of the Versant remote tools are:

  1. Flexible: More convenient, with 24/7 on-demand testing
  2. Secure: Can identify suspicious behavior; securely stored data meeting global privacy standards
  3. Speedy: Fast results with incident reporting within minutes of test completion
  4. Cost-effective: Can improve recruiting/placement efficiency, with only the most qualified advance to next interview stage
  5. Trusted: Available anywhere in the world, with algorithm detecting suspicious activity during testing, with authentic results.

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Quarantine Class of 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have canceled thousands of traditional summer internships, making way for virtual summer internships. The traditional summer learning experience has been turned upside down, delayed, or outright canceled for many college students or upcoming interns in the era of remote work and lockdown orders.

Companies from a wide range of industries are forging ahead with a virtual version of programs deemed crucial to their recruiting efforts and future growth. Tech titans in Silicon Valley are all planning virtual internships together with financial powerhouses, insurance and healthcare companies.

Many businesses view internship programs as vital for meeting future hiring needs, while many college students view them as a key stepping stone for their own professional development.

As the virus necessitates a massive shift in running internship programs virtually, language skills assessment tests will need to have Versant’s remote capabilities for current placement and future hiring.

Global Virtual Internship

In order to gain practical career skills and experience, and use this experience in their CV and LinkedIn updates, virtual interns for example can explore the career of a software engineer at a global financial company.

Another global firm specifically reiterated its global internship commitments despite the COVID-19 disruption. Even if many companies now offer internships virtually, the new model will still allow for invaluable training, client work and networking experiences.

Scaling back its 10-week summer internship program, a large bank in Scotland instead offered virtual learning to graduate prospects, with 170 summer interns joining virtual learning activities from home. This helped the interns develop their knowledge of the bank and essential soft skills such as personal resilience and building strong relationships.

UA Global, the home for new global travel and study abroad offices for the University of Arizona, also launched virtual global internships. Partnering with the Institute for American Universities, UA offers students the opportunity to participate in virtual internships, which allow them to work remotely with companies from France and Spain for the summer of 2020.

The new virtual program enables students to have a global experience despite recent restrictions on travel.

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Going Virtual

While 35% of summer internships have been axed due to the coronavirus, another 24% have been refashioned as virtual opportunities for students and recent graduates. About 41% of students would like weekly virtual programming for the entire intern class, 35% would prefer it several times throughout the program, and 20% want class meetings twice or three times a week.

According to a Yello report, the best practices for companies adjusting internship programs in the COVID-19 era are:

  1. Go virtual: Keep internship programs rather than cancel them.
  2. Communicate: Maintain strong relationship with candidates.
  3. Advocate: Serve as mentor to interns, address anxiety about future job security.
  4. Plan virtual intern events: e.g. virtual happy hours, fun trivia challenges, career development webinars.
  5. Educate hiring managers: Equip them with the right tools and support to manage reports from afar.

Although these are difficult times for employers, job seekers, and interns alike, it’s best for companies to keep their internship opportunities in place rather than cancel them. Aside from their future workforce thanking these companies for their virtual internships in this time of crisis, their employer brand and talent pipeline will also benefit in the longer term.

To learn more about our Versant Remote Proctoring and Monitoring tools, connect with us and know more how your business can benefit with our language skills assessment tests.