We’re Here to Help You

With TDS Global Solutions as your partner for Versant assessment tests, you can depend on us for service after the sale.

TDS Global Solutions provides an around-the-clock customer service help desk, ready to assist you and respond to issues that may arise.

After Sales Support:
  • Dedicated account manager for client relations plus other support services and consultation on tool utilization for recruitment and developmental trainings
  • Customized cut scores with Versant benchmarking or baseline services in line with your company’s goals and standards
  • Assistance on analytics and score evaluation relative to other scores and levels, such as (but not limited to) GSE, CEEFR, TOEFL and TOEIC
  • Quarterly check with clients on systems updates and (re)orientation of new members
  • Ongoing technical and product training
  • Regular invitations for symposiums about the tool through webinars or site conferences.

Delivery Channels

Versant Telephone Administration

Versant telephone administration is supported by a test paper that include general instructions and an introduction to the test procedures.

It also includes instructions and information specific and unique to the test, including:

  • The phone number to call
  • Test Identification Number
  • Spoken instructions written verbatim
  • Item examples, and
  • Printed sentences for the Reading section (if applicable).
Versant for Web

Versant for Web, covers where an applicant can take a Versant language test: anytime and anywhere. The Web-Local test is compatible with all mobile and desktop operating systems and web browsers.

The login screen when an applicant starts their test:

Versant’s Computer Delivered Test program

The CDT program using patented speech processing technology, enables test administrators to deliver language tests on a test center computer, and upload completed tests for scoring. See System Requirements for the Computer Delivered Test below.

Versant’s test app

The Versant test app, allows your applicants to take the tests anytime, anywhere, with the same accurate scores as other delivery methods.

The app has the added benefit of allowing the candidate to work on their smartphones – all from the comfort of their own desk, space or home.

To see an abbreviated demo for the Android OS, you can download the test app from Google Play, or contact TDS Global Solutions for a more detailed demonstration.

screenshot for Computer Delivered Test program

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