Aviation Tests

Aviation English Proficiency Tests

The Versant Aviation English Test is a product of cooperative research along with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Additionally, its validity and reliability have been built to satisfy the stringent requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

While the test evaluates English speaking and listening skills, it also addresses aviation work-related topics in radiotelephonic communications. Specifically, it covers ICAO phraseology in plain or general English, testing speaking and listening proficiency in a context appropriate to aviation. Versant tests language used in a broader context, more than the use of ICAO phraseologies alone.

Benefits of the Aviation Test

Versant Aviation has helped pilots and air traffic controllers (ATC) avoid accidents like runway incidents and airline collision, because pilots and ATCs can easily solve issues of loss in cockpit translation and transmission with good aviation English skills. Versant Aviation helps to familiarize pilots and ATCs with ICAO guidelines on aviation radiotelephony and phraseology.In particular, Versant Aviation helps pilots and ATCs understand airline movement, position, time, duration, and weather. The test therefore prepares them to obtain the highest in aviation language proficiency, aligned with FAA guidelines.

According to the ICAO_SR_2018_30082018, the year 2017 recorded 2.4 accidents per million departures, the second lowest ever recorded. Since 2014, Versant Aviation has in fact helped lessen the global accident rate trend per million departures.

Just like other Versant tests, Aviation English can be taken by phone or computer 24/7 with the scores available within minutes. As it is equally reliable and credible as the other Versant English tests, pilots and ATCs can leverage it for career placement, qualification and certification.

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