Eliminates Cultural and Subjective Bias

Versant Assessment Tests Eliminates Cultural and Subjective Bias

Free from human bias, fair and virtually error-free, Versant language assessment tests are more accurate and reliable than other tests on the market.

Versant English proficiency tests measure the spoken and written communication skills in business settings, using a method that eliminates cultural and subjective bias. Applicants are screened in less time, streamlining the recruitment and training process and reducing overall assessment costs.

Versant tests deliver more objective, consistent assessments without the variability typical of multiple evaluators and administrators. The screening process enables dependable language proficiency levels throughout your organization.

Accurate, Reliable Results Correlated to Human Testers

The automated assessment system effectively evaluates speaking skills as well as human testers. In fact, Versant comprehensive scores have been virtually indistinguishable from scores that independent human raters repeatedly give at the overall score level.

Versant language assessment tests address and correct the issue of conjecture or speculation in the language screening process often demonstrated by human testers. This innovative system helps scale up recruitment time and save on hiring costs.

Success Begins and Ends with Good Communication Skills

Excellent sales and customer service results begin with clear communication skills. Your candidate’s English language and overall communication skills are critical factors to determine before hiring.

With the emergence of multi-channel communication via phone, email and chat across numerous platforms, these skills must not be underrated.

The consequences of an employee’s poor English skills can lead to negative experiences for customers and clients. Anything less than a positive experience is likely to risk the loss of a customer. Versant can help assure you choose the right voice for the right narrative of your company.

Businesses no longer have to risk tests that are prone to human bias and the likely human errors that follow. Versant offers error-free, accurate and reliable language assessment. Your business can quickly set the stage for more dynamic workplace communication with your customers.

Correlates to Sophisticated Statistical Models

Versant tests use artificial intelligence to efficiently and accurately assess language proficiency. Test results are quicker and more reliable with “bullet proof” automatic scoring.

The speaking tests employ speech processing technology to evaluate the content and manner of speech. With correlation to sophisticated statistical models, Versant analyzes the varied rhythms and pronunciations of both native and non-native speakers.

Spoken language screening tests are also available for Spanish, Arabic, French and Dutch.
The writing tests use the Knowledge Analysis Technologies™ (KAT) engine and Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) to generate semantic similarity of words and passages by analyzing large bodies of relevant text. LSA can then understand the meaning of the text in the same way a human reader does.