Helps Reduce Recruitment Time and Costs Per Hire

Versant language assessment tests can be taken quickly, with results available in just a few minutes. This feature helps reduce recruiting time, saving on cost per hire.

The speed of Versant language testing increases the efficiency of your company’s hiring process.

Determining Language Proficiency Levels Quickly

By quickly identifying those with the desired English skills and language proficiency levels, HR personnel can spend their time interviewing only qualified candidates.

The 30-minute web-based tests are the ideal solution for companies that need quick and reliable results.

Versant language proficiency tests are convenient to administer, and can be taken through all major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

TDS can show you how to use Versant to increase and measure your sourcing effectiveness. This information is valuable in determining hiring strategies.

Improving CSAT, FCR, Net Promoter Scores

In addition to reducing recruiting time and costs, Versant further enables companies to improve screening accuracy and training placement.

The speed and efficiency of Versant language assessment, empowers an organization to confidently identify only the best candidates who possess the proper proficiency levels of spoken English language, writing and communication skills.

This leads to a reduced number of “mistake hires,” reducing customer and client complaints, improving CSAT, FCR, Net Promoter Scores, among other benchmarks and metrics.

The Quantifiable Cost of Bad Hires

The cost of a bad hire can now be quantified. Research studies indicate that a bad hire can actually cost up to five times an employee’s annual salary.

When it comes to language assessment, Versant can minimize a company’s risk of wasting time and money.

Over and above wasted recruitment costs, staff time and training fees, there are numerous variables that contribute needless expense to the hiring process, such as:

  • The cost of delayed projects,
  • Lost customers,
  • Outplacement services and
  • Litigation fees.

These all effect your company’s bottom line.

Considering the potential negative impact on team performance, and possibly a weakened company brand, the cost of a bad hire can be considerable.