Less Artificial, with More Intelligence

The Versant skills assessment test uses innovative AI technology to automatically analyze language data with immediate results.

Scoring from the Versant assessment test is free of bias or fatigue that can affect human judgment. The automated process is fair and virtually error-free, delivering accurate, reliable results in no more than 5 minutes.

Automated Administration

Versant assessment tests can be administered over the phone or on a computer. Applicants can access and complete the tests from any location where there is a phone or internet connection.

Administrators provide a “Test Identification Number” for the test-taker to access the test and listen to a recorded examiner’s voice for instructions. These instructions are also printed verbatim on the test paper or computer screen.

Throughout the test, applicants listen to recorded item prompts from a variety of speakers. This seamless, automatic process allows a company to administer a large number of assessment tests and score them very rapidly.

Automated Scoring

Upon completion of the test, both administrators and test takers can view the Versant test scores online within minutes. Test results can be accessed by entering the individual’s Test Identification Number on the Versant website.

The innovative Versant system contains an extensive collection of speech data samples and spoken responses, producing an unparalleled automated speech recognition system. Using a large number of speech samples from both native and non-native speakers, this technology yields optimum automated scoring.

Scalability of Skill Assessment

In addition to being automated, an important advantage to Versant assessment tests is scalability.

This significant feature allows test administrators to screen more applicants in less time. With the ability to adapt to increased demand, Versant assessment tests enables businesses to quickly and accurately screen tens of thousands of candidates at once.

Versant’s skill assessment program can be utilized in the field, at job fairs and marketing events by simply downloading the tests. Utilizing the mobile application, candidates can take the test from anywhere using a mobile phone or computer.

Versant’s skill assessment testing provides you with optimized candidates. High scoring test takers who demonstrate language proficiency can seamlessly transition between any communication medium.

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