Tests 4 Key Skills: Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading

Spoken Tests are Available in English, Arabic, Dutch, French and Spanish

For languages other than English, the tests measure fluency, pronunciation, sentence mastery, and vocabulary.

The tests in every language helps assess the language capabilities of bilingual employees. It can help with hiring government immigration agents or border protection which require specific spoken language skills.

If you need to certify bilingual teachers, these tests are the ideal solution The test can also measure students’ spoken language skills.

Speaking the Language of Business, in Multiple Languages

Businesses and academic institutions use Versant to measure language proficiency levels that meet the demands of the labor market in the 21st century.

In addition to English, there are spoken tests for Spanish, Arabic, French, and Dutch, providing the same accurate scoring results.

Versant English Assessment Tests Four Key Communication Skills

The Versant English 4 Skills assessment test is useful in measuring proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The 4 Skills test evaluates a candidate’s aptitude for productive language skills such as speaking and writing, as well as receptive skills of listening and reading. Analyzing these skills provides comprehensive scoring of a candidate’s language proficiency levels.

The Speaking Portion

Candidates respond to different questions from their computer or phone, which allows us to evaluate each test taker’s fluency, pronunciation, sentence mastery and vocabulary skills, carefully measuring their language proficiency levels.

The Writing Portion

Applicants respond to questions and provide written responses, enabling us to evaluate each individual candidate’s organization, grammar, vocabulary, voice, and tone. At one point, applicants read a description of a situation, and need to write an email addressing the issues described in the situation.

The Reading Portion

Test takers have 30 seconds to read a paragraph, which then disappears. They then have 90 seconds to reconstruct the paragraph in their own words. Their performance on this section feeds is reflected in the grammar and reading comprehension scores.

The Listening Portion

The candidate will listen to a series of short stories, then retell the stories, in English, using their own words. In addition, they’ll listen to a series of questions during the “Short Answer Questions” section, and are then requested provide a simple response.

Test takers also listen to a series of three short phrases, spoken in random order. Then they’re to rearrange the phrases to make a comprehensible sentence.

At each step of the test, millions of data points are collected throughout the Versant English test and fed into our proprietary, and patented, scoring algorithm.

Utilizing the 4 Skills test ensures you’ll hire the right people for your multi-channel communication.

Multiple Countries and Time Zones Are No Longer a Problem

Versant tests can be taken online, 24/7/365, which means you can avoid the logistical complications of test takers being in different countries and time zones.

In fact, test takers can be at home, on a telephone, tablet, laptop or any desktop. This allows them to take the Versant test without a scheduled appointment.

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