Tests can be Taken Anytime, Anywhere for 24/7/365 Access

Versant Skill Assessment Tests Can Be Taken Online, Anywhere, 24/7/365

This means you can avoid the logistics of test takers being in different time zones, or even different countries.

Online access via web or mobile app, or over the phone for spoken English, providing assessment with immediate results. In fact, test takers can be at home, or any workstation, so they can take the Versant test without a scheduled appointment.The test takes between 15 – 30 minutes to complete. Versant quickly and accurately identifies whether a test taker meets your requirements for English language and communication skills. Additionally, information is provided where an applicant is deficient with specific recommendations for areas to improve communications skills.

Testing Language Mastery, Vocabulary, Fluency and Pronunciation

A test taker is evaluated with particular consideration of four elements for language proficiency levels:

Sentence Mastery

This reflects the ability to understand, recall and produce English phrases in complete sentences. Performance depends on accurate syntactic processing and appropriate usage of words, phrases and clauses, in meaningful sentence structures.

Your candidate can therefore understand, recall and produce many English phrases and clauses in sentence context. Moreover, the test measures if your candidate is capable of producing a range of meaningful sentences.


This reflects the ability to understand common, everyday words spoken in sentence context and to produce correct wording as needed. Performance depends on familiarity with the form and meaning of everyday words and their use in connected speech. The test taker who proves an understanding of everyday English words, as they’re used in clear speech, is the candidate you want to hire.


This reflects the rhythm, phrasing and timing in constructing, reading and repeating sentences.

Fluent speech includes smooth runs of several words or phrases, with minimal uneven, or staccato pacing. Frequent, obvious pauses, result in an irregular speech rate and some disconnected phrases, which may make it difficult to be understood.


The Versant assessment test helps the test taker focus on areas that need improving.

Artificial Intelligence built into the software captures 10 to 20 different specific measurements. Across the entire test, there are over 2,000 data points fed in to determine a candidate’s score.

Once the candidates’ speech patterns are in the system, it analyzes what’s being spoken, the syntax, how the word are being pronounced, and compares it to that of a native English speaker.