Learning Aviation English Helps Both Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

Versant Aviation English tests help pilots and air traffic controllers avoid accidents from runway situations to airline collisions and crashes. With aviation English skills, pilots and ATCs can solve issues lost in translation and transmission. And it helps to familiarize them with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines on aviation radiotelephony and phraseology.

Specifically, aviation tests measure the ability to understand airline movement, position, time, duration, and weather. Versant prepares pilots and ATCs to obtain the highest in aviation language proficiency, aligned with US Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.

Versant aviation has helped lower the global accident rate trend per million departures over the last five years. According to the ICAO 2018 Safety Report, 2017 recorded 2.4 accidents per million departures, the second lowest ever recorded.

Both the ICAO and Federal Aviation Administration have documented communication errors as the biggest cause in runway incursions. They outlined certain words and phrases that improve airline safety, raise radiotelephony standards, and comply with standard phraseology.

The Versant Aviation Test Helps With Communication Issues

The ICAO underscored the need for clear, unambiguous communication between pilots and ATCs for aircraft and passenger safety. They cited “…congested frequencies (wherein) time wasted with verbosity and non-standard, ambiguous phrases (leads) to flight safety incidents.”

This is why Versant is the best tool to address the need for effective communications skills for the airline industry.

While air traffic phraseology has evolved and developed over time, the ICAO noted the importance of providing maximum clarity and brevity in communications, while ensuring that vital phrases remain unambiguous. When necessary, radiotelephony practitioners must prepare to use the plainest language, following the principle of keeping phrases clear and concise.

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