Contact Centers and BPOs

Better Communication Results in Best Customer Satisfaction

The Versant tests will be at the forefront of contact center operations as they connect with customers in 2020 and beyond.

With new tools for language assessments, call centers/BPOs can leverage new technologies that assess agent performance. Using continually improved metrics, Versant has proved to be vital with BPOs as they engage with customers. A majority of customer-oriented organizations believe customers should have easy access to a skilled, live agent, with good language skills in the caller’s native language. Meanwhile, 73% of these same organizations also believe customer satisfaction is critical, and dependent on the quality of the call center agents and their command of the customers’ language.

According to a CCW 2018 survey, 46% of them revealed improving their offerings in digital channels (such as chat, mobile, social, etc.) should be among the priority initiatives for contact center customer service going forward.

Download a copy of the report: The Future of Call Centers in 2019 here.

Faster Results, Lower Costs

Whether you need to find 100 – or 1000 – new hires, using the Versant assessment tests you’ll be able to test candidates much more quickly and efficiently.

In just 5 minutes after the test, you’ll be able to review each test-taker’s score. And with quicker access to test results, you benefit from lower recruiting and hiring costs.

The reliability of the Versant tests saves you costs on bad hires, misguided decisions, or retests with traditional, or other, types of testing. Without the cultural or likability bias, Versant test scores reliably assess a candidate’s language skills.

The Cost of a Bad Hire

The cost of bad hires to your company can be easily quantified. Studies show a bad hire can cost up to five times of an employee’s yearly salary. Versant has been proven to minimize the risk of wasting time and money.

Besides the wasted recruitment costs and training fees, there are other variables that negatively affect the expenses involved in the hiring process, including:

  • The cost of delayed projects,
  • Outplacement service fees,
  • Litigation costs, and potentially:
  • Lost customers

You can image how these effect your company’s deadlines and bottom lines.

Considering the impact on team performance, costs, a potentially weakened brand, the costs of poor hiring practices can be sizeable.

Benefits of Versant Assessment Tests for Call Centers

Versant has been the top choice of many BPOs and call centers for testing language proficiency levels.

The benefits of Versant assessment tests are:

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