Is Your Event Drawing People from Around the World?

If you’re organizing an event that draws participants from around the world, you’ll face a communications challenge if your staff doesn’t have proficient English language skills. Naturally, there are people who speak different languages, but communicating in English is the universal common denominator.

In 2020, there will be approximately 7.5 billion people in the world, and 1.5 billion of them speak English. That equates to 20% of the world’s population, which means there are English-speaking people in most countries around the globe.

From Around the World, to Your Event

When you’re targeting attendees from other countries, you become the host, and it’s critical to communicate with your audience to make them feel welcome.

That’s why building a team of people who have the listening and speaking skills necessary for effective calling, emailing, texting and in-person communications, is critical. By communicating effectively with your audience, your event will run that much more smoothly.

How to Efficiently Staff Your Event with Multi-lingual Ambassadors

Versant language skills tests helps you build that staff. It expedites the process of finding employees that have the necessary skill to represent your organization and its messaging.

The applicant-to-hire ratio is between 94 and 129 candidates applying to a job, for every hire.

That’s why your HR department should only focus on the top 1% of applicants. As you would imagine, determining the 1% would be a time-consuming process, if not for the Versant language skills assessment test.

What’s Behind the Versant Language Skills Assessment Tests

Versant’s language skills tests provide you with applicants that possess the English-speaking skills you need for your event.

By interviewing only those who test well, you can drastically reduce the time spent interviewing, by improving the quality of candidates you’re talking to.

Using sophisticated algorithms, Versant test four main areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing.


Assures your new hired candidates are easily understood when they speak with your audience, and are using proper syntax.


Screens applicants to make sure they understand what is being said, whether it be on the phone or in person.


Through proven methods, documents your candidates understand what they’re reading in emails or other documents.


The test evaluates how well an applicant can compose emails, or provide real-time chat support to event attendees.

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