More Than Any Other Industry, Effective Communication is Critical for Quality Healthcare

There is a strong correlation between the communication skills of healthcare providers and patient health outcomes.

The difference between healthcare and other industries is that people’s lives are at stake and misunderstandings are particularly risky.

According to a Harvard study, of 23,000 medical malpractice cases filed between 2009 and 2013, 30% resulted from communication issues. Of these, more than 7,000 cases of communication failures contributed to patient harm, resulting in $1.7 billion incurred losses.The researchers behind the study believe the statistics are likely only a small percentage the actual numbers. They admit there are most likely many more communication-related patient issues that just didn’t rise to the level of pursuing malpractice claims.

As reported in a Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare report, “…in today’s healthcare culture, the manner in which information is conveyed is as important as the information itself.”

The statistics are alarming and indicate the importance of good communication in the healthcare industry. Versant’s language skills assessment test offers the best assurance of hiring employees with the required language skills.

Versant Assessment Tests Expertly Scores Candidates’ English Skills

More than just speech, it is imperative that healthcare workers command language skills of listening, reading and writing.

The Versant 4 Skills Test expertly scores a candidate’s aptitude in each of these areas. Versant language assessment test will assure employees have the proper language skills that are critical in the healthcare setting.

Language Skills are Relevant for Virtually Every Aspect of Healthcare

Healthcare workers with effective communication skills can strengthen relationships with other staff members, increase trust between patient and caregiver, and even help prevent injuries and death.

Throughout every step of the healthcare process, effective communication is important for healthcare providers to protect their patients, save on costs and increase day-to-day operating efficiency.

Proper language skills are essential to avoid misunderstanding of technical terminology. Unclear instructions can lead to confusion and medical mistakes. Healthcare workers must listen carefully to patients, explain and speak clearly and understandably.

Clear Communication is Essential for Management of Patients from Reception, to Billing, to Discharge

It’s important to assure that forms are correctly completed, needs are addressed, discharge instructions understood, medication regimen is clear and prognosis articulated.

Versant will help assure employees have the language skills for communication that builds trust, reduces confusion and increases patient confidence.

Whether it be sharing patient information with another department or facility, or doctors, nurses, specialists, and other staff discussing patient treatment, the need for concise, effective communication is always crucial in the health field.

Having good communication improves patient care, builds efficient teamwork, reduces inefficiencies and minimizes risk.

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