What Determines Your Guest’s Decision to Return?

Not surprisingly, a Gallup survey of the hospitality industry found the quality of service is one of the main factors that determines a guest’s decision to return.

Your staff is the face of your hotels, casinos, restaurants, theme parks, transportation or cruise line. When there’s so much riding on your customers’ experience, it’s critical to make the right hiring decisions. Studies show engaged customers are your best source of referrals.Already a several billion dollar industry, the hospitality industry is the fastest growing business sector in the world. Which is why selecting and keeping the right people is important, because competition is growing.

Labor Turnover Costs a Lot

One of the biggest challenges in the hospitality industry is the skilled labor shortage and staff turnover. It’s estimated that turnover in hospitality is double the average across other industries.

According to, some studies (such as SHRM) calculate that each time a business has to replace a salaried employee, it costs an average of 6 to 9 months’ salary.

Versant Skills Assessment Tests Help You Hire the Right People

Versant’s ability to screen candidates with speed, accuracy, and scale provides access to a larger volume of talent in order to select the best applicants for your business. Proven, effective test screening will identify candidates with desired language skills and minimize the risk of poor hires.

The quality of employees hired in hospitality has a direct impact on brand reputation, revenue and overall labor costs. Because your employees interact with customers on a regular basis, it’s imperative that interaction reflects a positive impression of your company. Poor communication is perceived as poor service, which leads to revenue loss.

The ability to communicate effectively both verbally, and in writing, leads to positive connections with clients, guests, vendors and even other employees. Likewise, the aspect of listening is as important as speaking for effective communication.

Versant language assessment tests can identify a candidates’ language aptitude with direct correlation to necessary communication skills.

Utilizing Versant assures your company is hiring employees with language skills that compliment the goal of any hospitality business and achieve customer satisfaction.

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