The Versant Tests are Automated Assessment Tests of Spoken English Language, Communication and/or Writing Skills

The Versant English Tests (VET) are the first fully-automated assessment tests of spoken language to use advanced speech processing technology (including speech recognition) to assess the spoken language skills of non-native speakers.

The Versant Writing Test (VWT) is a test module for measuring English writing skills and focuses on REAL English communication skills, not just knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, etc.

The Versant 4 Skills Test is a combination of the two tests and assesses a candidate’s speaking, writing, listening and reading skills.

Speaking Skills

Evaluating the capability of non-native English speaking individuals is what the the English Spoken Test addresses. The test measures pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency, and sentence mastery. Learn more about the English spoken test here.

Writing SKILLS

The English written tests measures and scores, important written communication skills. The test covers reading comprehension, grammar, organization, vocabulary, and voice and tone. Learn more about the written test here.

listening skills

In the listening skills tests, applicants listen to a series of brief stories. They are then required to retell the stories, in English, in their own words.

Test-taking applicants listen to a series of sentences. They’re required to type each sentence exactly as it was spoken. Sentences become increasingly more complex as the test progresses.

The Sentence section is followed by a Conversations section. Applicants who take the test will listen to a conversation between two people. Upon completion of the conversation, the test-taker is asked a single question. They’re required to provide a brief, simple answer to that question.

reading skills

Candidates are required to read a sentence that has a word missing. They’re then asked to provide the appropriate word to complete the sentence, and are scored by how comprehensible their answer is.

The Reading skills section has what’s called a Passage Reconstruction section. The candidates have 30 seconds to read through a paragraph in a pre-determined period of time. Then the paragraph goes away. They’ll have a minute and a half to recreate the paragraph using their own words.

Tests are Also Available in Multiple Languages.

Versant assessment tests are also available in Spanish, French, Arabic and Dutch.

Even in the United States, assuring border patrol, or TSA agents, can speak and understand Spanish or Arabic is very helpful.

Whether it be face-to-face interaction at border crossings or airports, interactions with airline pilots, or for social listening and observing, having trained government or public service personnel up-to-speed can be critical.

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