The Tests

How the Versant Assessment Test Works

With offices and events in different time zones and countries, the fact the Versant assessment test can be taken 24/7 means convenience for you and your applicants. Because candidates can take the test at any workstation, employment event, or even from their home, logistical issues caused by multiple time zones are no longer a problem.

Easy-to-use “wizards” allow for the test to quickly be setup, so it’s not necessary to spend your valuable time to learn a new system.

Preparation by Test Administrators

Through the ScoreKeeper test management account, test administrators create a test session and assign codes to test-takers. Instructions and individual user codes can be automatically emailed, or downloaded by the test-taker. This enables test-takers to take the test at pre-scheduled times, or at their convenience, without a scheduled appointment.

For supervised testing, test administrators would arrange the testing settings, making sure it’s quiet and with no distractions.

What the test-takers should expect

The on-screen instructions allow test-takers process through the process, which includes checking the equipment they’re working on, and to position their microphone, if there’s an external microphone.

The tests ask a series of different types of questions that measure their reading, writing, speaking and/or writing skills.

The period of time the Versant tests can range from as little as 15 minutes, up to 30 minutes, depending on the types of skills being assessed.

What Administrators should anticipate after the test

Once the test is completed, test administrators can access the applicant’s test scores within minutes.

With access to “ScoreKeeper,” Pearson’s test management system, administrators download the testing materials to evaluate the test scores. The data can also be exported directly to your desktop. Test administrators download detailed reports, and have access to selected audio samples for certain tests for each individual’s, or group’s, scores. You can also provide personalized reports to each of the test-takers.

Test administrators will have access to selected audio samples for certain tests.

Reporting Compares to GSE, TOEFL and TOEIC

Versant assessment test reports offer detailed descriptions of an applicant’s score. The results can be formatted to see how each candidate compares to other candidates.

The scoring measurements are similar to the Global Scale of English (GSE), TOEFL, and TOEIC.

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