English 4 Skills Test

Using AI to Help HR ASAP

One of the keys to screening candidates quickly, is the fact that the Versant 4 Skills Essential Test can be administered in just 30 minutes. And you can see the test results evaluating an applicant’s speaking, writing, listening and reading skills, in just minutes.

Versant tests use AI to help HR, government and schools, test applicants efficiently. And starting with good recruits, you have the well-screened employees that are able to be trained and promoted, to become long-term, valuable employees.

Versant has given, and accurately scored, over 350 million tests in over 20 years.

Key Elements of the Versant 4 Skills Essential Test

Applicants can access the Versant 4 Skills Essential Test using a computer. And the tests can be taken at a hiring event, testing facility, offices, or even from the comfort of their own home. This makes giving tests to hundreds of candidates in a very short period of time both easy and efficient.

The tests can also measure the skills of your current employees, anywhere or anytime.

Candidates respond to on-screen directions, which allows us to measure each individual’s comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation and a variety of skill sets, including:

Speaking Skills

Versant’s 4 Skills Essential Test evaluates the capability of a non-native English speaking individual, including pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary and sentence mastery. Learn more about the English spoken test here.

Writing SKILLS

This comprehensive test measures and scores key written communication skills, including grammar, vocabulary, organization, voice and tone, and reading comprehension. Learn more about the written test here.

listening skills

In this section, test-takers listen to a series of brief stories and are required to retell the stories, in English, fabricating the story with their own words.

Test-takers are also required to listen to a sentence, then type that sentence exactly as it was heard. As the section progresses, sentences become increasingly, more complex.

In the Conversations section, test-takers listen to a conversation between two individuals. After hearing the conversation, they’re asked a single question, to which they’re required to give a brief, simple answer.

Performance on these tasks are fed into the total listening score.

reading skills

During this test, candidates read a sentence that has a missing word. They’re required to provide an appropriate word to have the sentence be complete, and comprehensible.

During the Passage Reconstruction section, test-takers have just 30 seconds to read a paragraph. At that time, the paragraph disappears. They then have 90 seconds to reconstruct the paragraph using their own words.

Performance on these tasks feed into the vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension scores.

Used by corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions around the world, the test evaluates the ability of employees, officers, teachers or students to understand spoken English, as well as to communicate clearly, and correctly, in modern English.

Decades of Experience. Results in Minutes

Because of Versant’s advanced algorithms, test results are available in just minutes.

With decades of experience behind each test, you can trust the Versant 4 Skills Essentials Test’s advanced auto-marking to make an unbiased assessment, and evaluation, of each and every candidates’ ability.

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