Spoken English Test

Testing English Speaking Skills

Versant’s English speaking sklls test, which evaluates the ability of non-native English speaking individuals, was created by leading language testing experts. Versant is supported by Pearson, the world’s leading education and assessment company.

Used by corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions around the world, the English speaking skills test evaluates the ability of employees, officers, teachers or students to understand spoken English, as well as to communicate clearly, and correctly, in modern English.

A Simple 15-Minute Test

Screening your job candidates is easy with the Versant English spoken test. It’s a simple 15-minute process that tests an applicant’s spoken English skills, and delivers the results in less than 5 minutes.

Using a phone or computer, candidates respond to the test prompts, which allow us to measure their comprehension, pronunciation and their vocabulary. It is a perfect way to test hundreds of candidates quickly, or simply need objectively measure potential employees for their English speaking skills. The test can be taken anywhere, anytime, even from home.

Versant tests use sophisticated artificial intelligence to help HR, government, and educational institutions to recruit, promote, train, and develop their personnel.

Over 350 million Versant tests have been scored since its introduction in 1996.

The Key Elements of Spoken English

The automated test system produces an overall Versant score based on key dimensions of spoken language performance:


The Pronunciation portion tests the ability of an individual to articulate their vowels and consonants, comparing their speech patterns to to a native English-speaking person. The scoring focuses on stress placement at both the word and sentence level, a well as accurate pronunciation.


The Fluency portion focuses on the ability to maintain a smooth flow of speech and tempo. The scoring on this section focuses on speakers momentum, rate of speaking, the length of their pauses, their rhythm, and phrasing.


The Vocabulary section gauges their ability to understand, level of recall, and ability to use everyday words appropriately. The scoring for this section focuses on the range of the test-taker’s vocabulary as well as how accurately their use of words, phrases and sentences are.

Sentence Mastery

This section measures their ability to form both basic, and more complex grammatical sentence structures and patterns accurately. Scoring focuses on the correct use of words, phrases, and sentences in meaningful structures.

Real-World Benefits

As an example of the importance of testing for fluency, a Harvard study reviewed 23,000 medical malpractice cases that were filed in a 5-year period from 2009 to 2013. That study showed almost a third of those cases were the result of communication issues.

Of the 23,000 cases, over 7,000 of those were the result of communication failures that resulted in harm to the patient. It also resulted in $1.7 billion in losses.

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