Spoken French Test

The Versant French Test: Created by Leading Language Testing Experts

The patented Versant French Test, evaluates the spoken skills of those whose native language isn’t French.

Versant French assessment test is used by academic institutions and corporations around the world to evaluate employees, students or teachers abilities to speak and understand spoken French. If your goal is to have your team communicate clearly and concisely in French, the Versant French Test will help make that happen.

Evaluating the spoken skills of job applicants, teachers or students is made easy with accurate and reliable language tests. Versant assessment tests have been extensively field-tested to evaluate and verify its validity and reliability.

Tests can be taken on either on a computer, or phone.Learn how the Versant French Test works, get a demo, or ask about the test’s Validation findings by contacting us today.

Précis. Rapide. de Confiance.

The 15-minute tests are crafted to help:

  • Human Resource professionals
  • Government agencies, and
  • School administrators

…measure the basic speaking skills of their staff, students and employees quickly and efficiently.


With a 0.96 correlation, Versant test scores generated by the Versant testing system are virtually indistinguishable from expert human scoring, ensuring confidence in the result.


Versant is fully automated and can be easily taken over a phone or computer by large groups of candidates. A detailed score report is available minutes after the test is completed.


The Versant French Test is highly reliable (split-half reliability of 0.97), delivering more consistent testing without the variability typical of multiple evaluators and locations.

Because our scores are backed by the most comprehensive AI technology, you can have confidence that score results are objective and reliable.

Evaluate the Spoken Skills of Job Candidates or Students

Using Versant’s accurate and reliable language tests, diagnostic subscores are given in:


Accuracy and appropriateness are critical, so the use correct words is measured. The scoring also focuses on the range of words used in the test-taker’s vocabulary, their phrasing, and entire sentences. This portion of the test measures the ability for the individual to understand, recall, and communicate ideas using common words from everyday language.


Being able to articulating vowels and consonants in a way similar to native-speaking people is critical. That’s why Versant’s scoring zeros in on using the correct pronunciation, as well as which words and phrases are stressed in sentences.

Sentence Mastery

The tests measure the ability for the test-taker to use basic, and complex, grammatical structures and sentences. The correct use of words, phrases, and sentences are measured within the scoring system. Tests evaluate that proper use of syntax and sentences are accurately composed into meaningful dialogue.


Having steady, smooth tone certainly makes for a more natural sounding speech, which is why Versant’s scoring focuses on the flow and tempo of the speech. The algorithm measures pauses, rhythm, the rate of speaking, and phrasing, and how compares to a native French-speaking person.

Contact TDS Global today to find out how the Versant French Test can help you, to try a sample test, or see a copy of a Validation Report.

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