Spoken Spanish Test

Leading Language Testing Experts Created The Versant Spoken Spanish Test

Using artificial intelligence and advanced speech processing technology, the Versant Spoken Spanish Test evaluates a non-native Spanish speaker’s ability to understand and to communicate appropriately in Spanish on everyday topics. The tests cover a variety of everyday topics that include a range of material that one would expect to experience in daily conversation, including:

Sentence Mastery

The ability to use basic and complex grammatical structures and sentence patterns is part of everyday conversation. The tests measure how accurately and appropriately the test-taker can compile comprehensive, complete sentences. The scoring focuses on the correct usage of words, phrases, clauses and sentences that are put together into meaningful structures.


It’s critical to have the ability to understand, recall, and use common words both accurately and appropriately. The Vocabulary portion of the test focuses focuses on the range of vocabulary and the accuracy of its use at the word, phrase, and sentence levels. The scoring reflects that ability.


The smooth flow of speech and tempo are reflections of how well someone has mastered a language. This portion of the Spanish test scores the test-taker on their rate of speaking, the length of pauses, their rhythm, and their phrasing.


How well one articulates their vowels and consonants helps others understand what they’re saying. To be able to speak in a native-like manner requires accurate pronunciation as well as stressing the correct words at the correct level of sentences. The scoring focuses on measuring those areas of speech.

Versant automated tests allow employers to quickly, objectively, and accurately screen candidates when spoken Spanish skills are critical for success on the job.

Rápido. Preciso. de Confianza.

Being a fully-automated online test, the Versant Spanish Test can be either be taken over a phone, or on a computer. Detailed scoring reports are available within minutes after a test is completed.

Versant test scores generated by the patented Versant testing system are virtually indistinguishable from expert human scoring, with a 0.97 correlation. This assures you can have confidence in the scoring results.

The Versant Spoken Spanish Test is a highly reliable measure of one’s ability to communicate like a native-language speaker, with a split-half reliability of 0.97. Our system allows us to deliver a more consistent testing platform without the variability experiences with multiple evaluators in multiple locations.

Simple Test Administration

The testing process is simple:

  1. A test administrator simply provides the test-takers with the instructions and the test paper.
  2. To start the test, each of the test-takers then enter their unique test ID numbers on the secure Versant testing website.
  3. While the test-taker answer the questions, the answers are scored automatically.
  4. When a test is complete, the administrator can retrieve the test-taker’s score using Versant’s online reporting system by entering the test-takers’ unique test ID numbers.

The automated Versant test system calculates the test-takers’ scores based on key elements measured in their spoken language performance.

Contact TDS Global today to find out how the Versant Spanish Test can help you, to try a sample test, or see a copy of a Validation Report.

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